What is Cryptogladiator?

"Cryptogladiator" is a game that combines blockchain technology with traditional game elements. It has basic elements of previous blockchain games, and it also has some of the characteristics of traditional games. Blockchain technology makes online transactions fast, reliable and secure. Virtual assets can be value-protected,they are permanent and fully transparent.In game, each player will have a variety of unique gladiators and they will be able to interact and compete with each other. Players can experience innovative ideas brought by blockchain technology, and can also enjoy original fun of traditional games.

What do you need to do to play Cryptogladiator?

You only need a computer or mobile phone with Internet access, and a digital wallet that supports and contains NEOGAS currency for your online transactions and withdrawal of your digital assets.

What is NEOGAS currency?

NEOGAS is the operational token that powers the smart contracts and tokens built on the NEO blockchain (formerly known as AntShares) The maximum total cap is 100 million, and the minimum unit of GAS currency is 0.00000001.

How to get NEOGAS?

You can exchange NEOGAS on large digital currency exchange platforms such as the Huobi.Pro and Binance.

How to get a gladiator?

You can buy gladiators directly from the game market, or use existing gladiators to clone new ones.

What are the attributes(different types) of gladiators?

The element attributes are divided into four types: Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind, and they can restrain against each other.
  • Earth: +25% bonus damage against Water
  • Water: +25% bonus damage against Fire
  • Fire: +25% bonus damage against Wind
  • Wind: +25% bonus damage against Earth
  • 20% more damage if all team members (above 3) are of the same type
  • Basic attributes include: physical strength, agility, speed, strength
  • Physical strength: HP
  • Agile: Hit rate, attack power
  • Speed: Hit rate, sale order
  • Strength: Attack power