What is ETH Town?

Become a realtor buying out floors for certain crypto-companies in a crypto-business tower. Having your price beaten wins you a big profit, successfully buying out a floor wins you the whole floor and membership in the investors club.

ETH.TOWN has unbeatable unique features and quality. There was nothing like that before!

In ETH.TOWN you are a real estate investor working with the Crypto Tower. Buy low, sell high, get bonuses and grow your share in the whole crypto enterprise. Out-wit! Out-play! Out-strategise!

ETH.TOWN - The Crypto Tower

The Crypto Tower is a 100% crypto-affiliated tower consisting of crypto offices and apartments. Some are good old businesses, some are totally crazy stuff. Every floor comes with its own rules, profit structure, bonuses etc., often with funky twists added in for fun. More details on them will only be revealed over time. Whenever you get a new floor or participate in it in other ways (secrets, secrets so far), you add a special achievement to your collection. Having a lot of those will provide you with special perks on your ETH.TOWN journey.

Some floors host mini-games. The mini-games have special relation with the floor they are in, and certain heroes. For example, the Dice mini-game sends a part of its revenue to owners of characters that have the rare “dice” gene.

ETH.TOWN - Heroes

Heroes are a big, big part of the game. They will help you maximize the revenue from floors and can generate revenue for you on their own as well — e.g., you can buy some cheap Level 0 guys, spend some time and effort to tinker with them and derive significant ETH gains later on when they level up.

All heroes start off from Level 0 and will have a set of beginning stats tagged to them. At some point in time, you can choose to take your Level 0 Tarzan and Level 0 Jane (names purely for illustrative purposes), initiate a journey that helps them “understand the meaning of life”, and voila, a Level 1 hero is born! Sometimes, in around 20% of cases, you’ll even be able to acquire 2 kids from the merging/birthing process. Sadly though, parents will self-destruct soon after their child is born. Their sacrifice, and contribution to the gameplay, will forever be etched in our memories.

The higher the level, the rarer and more expensive the characters will be. A Level 15 hero is a Star Hero, they are the most powerful ones. The characters will be a part of interactions in the game, you can play with them, and some will have special relations with certain floors. Characters’ skills play an important role when playing mini-games.

ETH.TOWN - Why Presale

We believe the early adopters will be good players, and they would get all the cool items anyway, so why make them grind? The game will be more fun when it starts not from a clean state, but with some people already owning stuff. This also ensures we build a more loyal and connected community.

The proceeds from the pre-sale will be used for the advertising campaign on project launch. Our intention is to make the game huge and we’ll need a budget for that. Eventually all the players, especially the early adopters, will benefit from the game being huge! For the players it’s also a great possibility to buy the items cheap and sell for more later.

Our ultimate goal is to make the best game on the Ethereum platform, no compromises.