What is Mentat?

Mentat is a blockchain-powered marketplace where applications can source intelligence from an on-demand, distributed workforce of human agents. The platform’s query-response smart contracts enable human intelligence tasks to plug in to computer processes asynchronously, eliminating the time and cost inefficiencies typically associated with human workers.

Mentat’s pricing model ensures that human agents are always available to meet the next request. The platform’s distributed ledger tracks agents’ unique skills, allowing applications to query only the most qualified agents, and a system of peer review maintains quality while moving more work towards the most successful agents. Crypto-economic stakes for all parties ensure fast, high-quality work and fair rates.

Mentat enables anyone, from anywhere in the world, to offer their skills and knowledge in exchange for instant payment. By allowing applications to delegate only value-adding human intelligence tasks, the value of agents’ time is increased, while also improving the business efficiency of participating applications. Mentat combines a machine-focused process with human-focused pricing, allowing fair earnings and business efficiency to coexist.