What is MUSystem about?

Mutual Uniting System is the system of voluntary donations works on the basis of a glorious MMM algorithm developed by Sergey Mavrodi - Great Russian Mathematical Genius (August, 11th 1955 – March, 26th 2018).

MUSystem is like a global money box. Today you have put your donation into it. Tomorrow someone else needed help. He will ask for help and receive it from the moneybox. Participants' money, reliably protected by a mathematical algorithm and MUSystem's smart contract, will help you too when you want.

How can I register if I am from CountryName? Can I participate with my local currency?

MUSystem is an international system. You can participate from any country. Registration is not required. To participate is enough to have an Ethereum and its wallet. Your Ethereum wallet address is your login in MUSystem.

Accordingly, there are no restrictions on the local currency of your country. There are many ways to exchange your country's currency for cryptocurrency Ethereum to participate in the system.

All the necessary local currencies have already been added. The system works in the Ethereum blockchain to ensure full transparency and openness. Plus, all the advantages of the crypto currency, which will soon be understood by all the inhabitants of the planet - decentralization, anonymity, lack of government influence and much more.

If the question is to exchange, for example, NGN or KES (or another local currency) to ether, then everything is simpler than it may seem. One of the convenient peer-to-peer exchangers with a choice of your country is available at:

Why crypto currency?

Indeed, MUSystem works through the Ethereum (this is the second most popular after Bitcoin crypto currency). Work through the blockchain is one of the advantages of MUSystem and provides full transparency and reliability (all statistics are always available, the inability to change something "retroactively" and so on).