what is Verity?

Motivate and certify your website's most productive content creators

Verity incentivizes communities toward genuine, mutually-productive behavior in accordance with specific community norms. 

Verity monetizes reputation using Verity Tokens. This provides the means to incentivize users and compensate productive / meritocratic behavior. Tokens used within the Verity protocol are designed to prevent gaming the system, such as advertisers or users attempting to boost their content or reputation. This reputation is transferable, and can be reconstructed by any organization, allowing for it's use in credentialing and external verification procedures. 

Education Technology (Ed-Tech)

Verity helps professors and students grade and attain merit-based thresholds, hands-on skill demonstration, professional credits, certifications of academic proficiency and ultimately university degrees and employement.

Procurement and Supply Chain

Verity helps both sides of the supply chain to find legitimate buyers and suppliers with trustworthy track records. It also helps with provenance issues, locating legitimate products and preventing fraud.

Crowdsourcing and The Gig Economy

Verity helps automate a far richer set of quality, value and result scores. It allows the means to not only reward the best talent, but to quickly show negative contributors the door when this is necessary, using objective criteria.