• 2018-09-06

Interbet is a blockchain betting platform

Global. Profitable. Anonymous.

Bet against anyone living on the edge of Ethereum blockchain.

Be a bookmaker yourself

Tired of accepting uncompetitive bookmakers' odds? You think you can do a better job? Then, make the offer for other bettors to bet on the Interbet market.

Bet anonymously, worldwide

Unable to open an account in other sites? You need to bet anywhere around the globe? Well, you can bet wherever you want even without registering.

Get payout from smart contract

Afraid of getting declined from payout? You want to pay fee only when you win? Sure, Our smart contract handles all that with 100% transparency.

Market Opportunity

Betting is one of the world's largest market, especially Sports Betting. Sports that will be available on Interbet have total market size of over 100 billion U.S. dollars each year.


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