• 2018-07-13

Nebula is a decentralized, curated list of professionals and job opportunities.

Current approaches of hiring have become obsolete and each day there is more demand for high qualified professionals. These ones, also seek high standards in the projects that they want to participate in.

Nebula, through its protocol, provides five essential systems to solve this problem:

  • Decentralized Proof of Skills

    Democratizing interviews through a decentralized system to select high quality candidates.
  • Curated job opportunities

    Management of incoming projects, allowing curated opportunities. Keeping standards by the community.
  • Decentralized Reputation system

    Reputation system for contractors and companies to create a transparent and optimal environment.
  • Spamless Social Network

    Private messages for direct business opportunities will be paid based in the rate than the receiver set.
  • Secure payments for both parties

    Payments through the platform will have 0% Fees, and will be stored securely in a valve.


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