• 2018-07-02

What is Eth2phone about?

Eth2 Phone service allows you to send ether to anyone simply identifying them by the phone number. The only requirement for this transaction is for you to have the Web3 compatible Ethereum wallet with sufficient balance and the phone number of the person you are willing to send ether to. You will have to share a special message with the receiver with the link containing all the instructions, following which she or he will download the wallet (or use existing one) and receive assets to it. For more info on sending and receiving ether please check the questions below.


Your funds are secured via Smart Contract before they are delivered to the receiver wallet. Even if our servers are compromised, attacker will not be able to steal your assets.


Phone numbers are never stored in blockchain. Our verification servers only keep them in hashed form. If we are hacked, no one will be able to link phones to ethereum addresses.


All the transactions could be cancelled until received. That means if you’ve messed something up, you can always get your ether back if receiver hasn’t yet requested them.

No wallet needed

You can send ether to your friends and family without ethereum wallet. They will be instructed on how to create wallet easily and get the assets via our special link.


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