• 2018-07-11

Ether Quest is a fantasy game with RPG elements. The game is centered around collectible Warriors that range in rarity from Common to Unique. Every Warrior is special and completely belongs to its owner. You can send your warriors to battle to enhance their value and pitch them against other players’ Warriors at the Arena.

Ether Quest uses blockchain technology. You can buy collectible Warriors for Ether, knowing that the ownership is securely tracked, and they cannot be destroyed or taken away from you. You can mine for Warriors to get new, one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Technical Information

Ether Quest uses non-fungible, unique token ERC #721.
All transactions, including purchases and rewards, are in Ether.

Key Mechanics

You track the ownership of your Warriors via Ethereum blockchain smart contracts. Essentially, each Warrior is a token on the blockchain. New tokens (Warriors) are generated automatically every 15 minutes. There are about 9 million possible Warrior variations.

Each Warrior is unique in appearance that is determined by the characteristics stored in the smart contract. The Warriors’ ownership is guaranteed by the blockchain technology; they can be bought, sold and otherwise transferred.
The Warrior’s level and characteristics are enhanced as the Warrior wins the battles. However, a Warrior’s rarity cannot be changed.

Existing Warriors can be used to mine for new Warriors. While a Warrior is engaged in mining, he or she cannot be sent to fight at the Arena or at a Tournament, and vice versa.

Contract Structure

The Core Ether Quest smart contract is responsible for the following:
  • Information about the ownership of the Warrior;
  • The rules of Summoning, the activity that lets you acquire new Warriors;
  • The rules of delivering the Warriors from the system to the Marketplace;
  • Management of other contracts.

Auction Contract is responsible for the rules of selling and buying Warriors at the Marketplace.

Battle Contract is responsible for fights at the Arena: the rules of single battles and the rules of the Tournament (participants, order, calculations).

Warrior Generator Contract is responsible for the Warrior’s visual parameters.

The contracts are available on the blockchain for any user to see.


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