• 2018-08-28
MythWars is a game inspired by mythology, built with the blockchain, and crafted by artists. We combine the emerging force of blockchain technology with magical artwork to bring Gods from cultures worldwide to life. Join us now as we unleash the Gods!

What is MythWars?

MythWars is a collectibles game built on blockchain technology. You recruit unique Gods with special powers and lead them in battle to earn you Ethereum.
What's special about MythWars?

MythWars is not only one of the first blockchain games but the first that is being designed to let you actively earn Ethereum.

We understand and foresee that the power of crypto technology isn’t just to make fun games, but also to build the new economy of the future. The ways in which people make a living are constantly changing. First the 9-5 economy, then the gig economy… next the crypto economy?

MythWars is part of building that vision and we want YOU to join us :)

How can I earn Ethereum by playing?

Currently, the main way to earn Ethereum is by buying a God with Ethereum and then holding onto it until another player wants to buy it off you. Sell it to them and see Ethereum deposited directly into your wallet.

In the future, defeating opponents, conquering territories and other in game mechanics will enable you to win even more Ethereum by playing, and further incentivize players to buy and collect strong Gods.

What do I need to start playing MythWars?

  • A computer with the latest version of Chrome or Firefox
  • Metamask, a digital wallet designed specifically for web apps
  • Own a bit of Ethereum in MetaMask

For Non-U.S Citizens

You need to first purchase Ethereum from an exchange using applicable fiat currency and then transfer it to your MetaMask digital wallet.  Unfortunately, we haven't got the technology yet to use USD or other forms of cash in MythWars, the game uses Ethereum Smart Contracts and so ETH is the only currency of the game.


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