• 2018-07-02


Panda. Earth is cooperating with China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda to collect the data of real pandas and make them digital pets on the chain. The operation of Panda. Earth is expected to meet people’s wish to breed their own pandas, provide them the access to blockchain knowledges, and wake their awareness to protect endangered species. Furthermore, Panda. Earth will donate part of its revenue to panda protection agencies in order the support the research and the breeding of pandas.

1. The Penetration and the Implementation of Blockchain Technology

The penetration of emerging technology is normally a process from “developed by professional institutions” to “accepted by the public”. As one the most popular technologies, Artificial Intelligent is highly admired by the public. The concept of AI is widely used in movies, novels, games, etc. While the practical application of AI, like Siri the intelligent personal assistant and iRobot the autonomous devices, could be frequently seen in our daily life.

Compared with the popularization of AI, blockchain technology seems to be a rarely heard concept with hard-to-understand technical principle. So far, the research and development work of blockchain is mainly proceed by professional institutions. The public do not have a proper way to access relevant knowledge and the public's ignorance of blockchain somehow limits the penetration of the technology.

Using blockchain technology, Panda. Earth will launch its own DAPP and deliver the relevant knowledge to the public via mobile game. Complicated concepts like “decentralized system”, “smart contract”, and “consensus mechanism” will be fully accessed and gradually learnt by more and more people.

2. A Better Understanding to Cryptocurrency

Influenced by speculation and other unhealthy actions of market participants, the public may hold a significant bias over the implementation of cryptocurrency. Someone even considers digital token as a tradable security. Meanwhile those false or misleading blockchain projects who do not focus on the development of technology and simply use ICO as a low-cost method to raise money also bring risk to the market. Panda. Earth will not raise fund in form of ICO or any other alternative ways. Instead, Panda. Earth will launch the platform and open it to the public. Anyone who wants to participate will be able to enjoy the game and all the future features.

In the world of Panda. Earth, non-fungible token is created in form of digital pet. Due to the implementation of hash algorithm, each panda will be genetically unique and collectable. The healthy operation of Panda. Earth is expected to significantly ease the misconceptions of the public.

Compared with those standard digital tokens following ERC-20 protocol, Panda. Earth will implement ERC-721, a non-fungible token protocol, to create unique token. Reference: Cryptokitties provides a practical use case for encrypted digital collection and Panda. Earth is going to improve the design of it. From appearance, to costume, to status, all the features of pandas will be determined by genetic algorithm and the uniqueness of gene will ensure that every panda is collectable.

Each [Guardian Panda] will be a digital copy of a real panda which means they are genetically rare and having special appearances. The breeding process of panda will be proceed by genetic algorithm and the limited Guardian Panda will lead to unlimited possibilities. Instead of currency, token of Panda. Earth will follow ERC-721 and digital panda will be more like a tradable and breedable collection. The trading price of each panda will not be restricted by the platform and will be determined by the supply-demand balance of market.

3. Plenty of New Features

[1] Simulation

Despite of trading and breeding, Panda. Earth also introduces the concept of “territory” to the game. Players can harvest the “bamboo” by managing their territories and the bamboo could be converted into further revenue. Guaranteed by the input-output system, a mature economic cycles is expected to be built up which will ensure the users’ activity and the healthy operation of the platform.

[2] Social Networking

In addition to the instance message, Panda. Earth also adds more relative features to the game. For instance, Panda. Earth allows its players to team up as tribe. Different tribes will be able to fight against each other and the result will determine the distribution of the resource in Panda. Earth.

[3] A Real Decentralized World

By implementing blockchain technology and smart contract, the operation of Panda. Earth will be fully decentralized and do not rely on development team. The community members will be able to determine the future development of the platform. Benefited from the smart contracts, variables from the real world , like the price of Bitcoin, will be reflected in the game.

4. Let the Social Networking Drives the Platform

The DAPP of Panda. Earth has social networking feature in it. It allows its users to add friends and chat with them in either private or a group. In addition, the DAPP integrate premium functions such as digital wallet and transaction. By combining blockchain technology and all those advanced features, users will be able to store and manage their privacy, digital asset, social network in a safer and more efficient way. The transaction between users is transparent and will be secured by the blockchain.

On the basis of existing platform, Panda. Earth will keep adding new features to the system and expanding the usage scenarios in the future.


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