• 2018-06-19

What is SteemitBoard ?

SteemitBoard is a unique place where your achievements on Steemit will be displayed to the world!

With SteemitBoard, you can win and collect awesome awards that you will be able to show to your friends and family.

How to view your own personal Board of Honor

Enter your username (or the user's name whom you want to see the Board of Honor) and hit ENTER or click on the small search glass.

If you are a brand new user, you will see the following 3 sections in your Board of Honor.

On the left side of this section, you have:

  • The number of posts you have published
  • The number of comments you have made on others posts
  • The average number of votes you have received per post.

In the center, you have a representation of your current status, given the number of MVESTS you own:

  •  you own between 0 and 9 MVESTS and are considered a minnow.
  •  you own between 10 and 99 MVESTS and are considered a dolphin.
  •  you own between 100 and 999 MVESTS and are considered an orca.
  •  you own more than 1000 MVESTS and are considered a whale.

On the right side, you have:

  • The total payouts you got from publishing your posts (in Steem Power)
  • The average payout per posts (in Steem Power)


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